Folk Evening

During your vacation in Zakopane, we strongly recommend visiting one of our folk evenings as a great alternative to sitting at a table in a restaurant!

The folk evening is a 3-hour highlander’s feast by the campfire with lots of delicious, regional food!

During the whole event, the best highlander band in Zakopane will play good music! You will have a chance to dance, sing and experience live music as well as many games, competitions, and games. There are also special attractions during the event, e.g., wearing a real Robber costume!


You can choose from two folk evenings in Zakopane.

The first of these is “Goralskie spasy” in the Chocholowska Valley. Such an evening close to the Tatra National Park, close to nature, is a guarantee of beautiful memories!

The second option is a folk evening in Zakopane on Gubalowka Mountain – “Treasure Hunt in Robber Village”. The village of Robbers is located on a beautiful, scenic valley on Butorowy Wierch Hill and only a few have access to it. This event is primarily a lot of games, competitions, and attractions that you won’t find anywhere else, e.g., throwing axes. Harnas (the gang leader) will provide each participant with a sack of ducats, and in the end, the one who has won the most gold will be a Winner.