Folk Evening

During your vacation in Zakopane, we strongly recommend visiting one of our folk evenings as a great alternative to sitting at a table in a restaurant!

The folk evening is a 3-hour highlander’s feast by the campfire with lots of delicious, regional food!

During the whole event, the best highlander band in Zakopane will play good music! You will have a chance to dance, sing and experience live music as well as many games, competitions, and games. There are also special attractions during the event, e.g., wearing a real Robber costume!


Now anyone can take part in a true Folk Evening by the Bonfire in Chocholowska Valley!

All you have to do is buy a ticket, and you will immediately receive it by e-mail.

The event takes place in a beautiful meadow. We will spend 3 hours with real Highlanders, and feel the atmosphere of an authentic feast – how it is supposed to be. The feast is full of folklore, and a highlander atmosphere, a violin’s sound, and a lot of laughter. There will be dancing, lots of jokes and unlimited tasty food.

Have you noticed how much we all need such moments?

Do not regret after leaving that you missed the only opportunity to have fun and learn about the folklore of the Highlanders.

For myself, family and friends as well as children.