The Polish Tatra Mountains are recognized regardless of the season of the year. In spring and summer, they represent a unique nature. In autumn, they take on golden-red colors, but according to many people, they are the most interesting in the winter edition. The mountain areas covered with white fur are amazing. For fairy tale views, it is worth traveling many kilometers and decide to relax in the picturesque Tatra Mountains.

Winter in the mountains is impressive, and there are plenty of ways to spend time. Skiing, ice skating, and long walks are not enough. An attraction worth recommending is the highlander sleigh rides in Zakopane. It entertains anyone – whether it be a kid, teenager, or an adult. Imagine speeding in the sleigh through the snowy forests, fields, and meadows while admiring the views. Your eyes will see different images that will stay in your memory. You can find a lot of offers for a sleigh ride because it is a sensational idea for family relaxation. Many people choose a sleigh ride after dark, the atmosphere is different at this hour, the mountains are more mysterious and dangerous. The stars are brightening the navy blue sky, and we are enjoying the magic. Very popular sleigh rides have a feast at the end of the ride. Lots of fun around the campfire, traditional live music, and tasty hot meals.


Sleigh Ride – Zakopane – Koscieliska Valley – this is an excellent option. The valley is gorgeous in winter. Omnipresent whiteness, silence, fairy tale landscapes – even demanding tourists will notice its charm. While resting in the Tatra Mountains, a visit to the valley is simply obligatory. A sleigh ride is an exciting adventure, a way to look at the mountains from a completely different viewpoint. Sleigh rides organized in the Chocholowska Valley are equally popular. Which one will you like more? In our opinion, both are unusual parts of the Tatra Mountains, it is worth visiting them and finding out for yourself.


Winter has many fans, and probably even more opponents. Sometimes it is capricious and malicious. We complain about it when we have to leave the house, go to work or school. However, when we rest in the mountains, we quickly appreciate its charms. Incredible views, lots of white fluff, various activities – we assure you, winter weather can be liked.