What would the winter holidays be without snow and skis? If children are just starting their adventure with skiing, it is worth thinking about buying a few lessons with the instructor. This will allow your child to acquire appropriate habits and behaviors when skiing and falling.

In winter, Zakopane and nearby towns offer many places where you can ski on well-prepared routes. Most of them, however, is for people who are already capable of skiing. However, some places specialize in teaching children and adults how to ski and snowboard.


Under the Nosal Mountain, you have ski centers focused on learning to ski. The gentle terrain makes it safe for children, but also for adults who take their first steps on skis.
Thanks to the T-bar lifts, the experience is much less stressful than it is for beginners who go on a standard chair lifts.
There are ski school and equipment rental, so you don’t have to worry before.


The Harenda ski resort is also a good idea for ski lessons. Skiers have several T-bar lifts and a chair lift at their disposal.
Skiers who are learning to ride start from the simplest routes with T-bar lifts, and together with the skills they acquire, they move to longer lifts and more demanding routes. The advantage of this place is that on one ticket we can use both T-bar lifts and a chair lift.


In Zakopane, on a Plana Szymoszkowa, you can find a tape ski lift, which is used by several-year-old children while learning to ski. It is the safest form of learning for small kids because they don’t have to stick to anything to go up.
A special ski “kindergarten” was created at the tape ski lift. It is full of inflatable elements and fairy-tale characters that make skiing a child even more enjoyable.