While we are relaxing in the Podhale region, we have various attractions at our disposal. We are eager to explore the landscape and learn about traditions and culture or maybe go hiking. In winter we go skiing and ice skating. Whenever the weather is good, we try to spend as much time as possible outside. After all, we want to capture the atmosphere and the unique climate and enjoy the landscapes. For all who love activity, we recommend taking advantage of the E-Bike offer – BIKEDOO Zakopane.


Cycling has many benefits. It produces positive effects on our physical and mental health. It strengthens muscles, oxygenates the body, and allows us to relax and release stress. Venturing over mountainous areas is an exciting experience. We get to know picturesque spots, reach previously unknown places, we observe the beauty of nature from a slightly different perspective. However, this type of cycling requires a bit of fitness.

Sometimes, for various reasons, we cannot allow ourselves to exert strenuously, or maybe we do not intend to overwork. In such situations, E-Bikes are a great choice. Zakopane city cares for tourists, and will not disappoint lovers of two wheels. We have rentals of E-bikes in the city.

The e-bike has an electric drive, which is a great convenience and support for cyclists. It is worth adding that it does not do the whole job for you because without pedaling, you will not get far. “E-bikes ” are an alternative to classic bikes. It is impossible not to notice the support which E-bike provides. It allows overcoming difficult stages, even for inexperienced cyclists. Thanks to these inventions, you don’t have to give up physical activity and worry about running out of strength to reach your destination.

When planning a vacation in the mountains, you should consider bike rides. They are a great idea, especially for a family holiday. Every opportunity is good to show children the charms of the Podhale region, the beauty of nature, and encourage them to be in the fresh air. Trips on e-bikes will appeal to younger and older, for action junkies and lazy spirits!