If you are planning a trip to Zakopane, you may be wondering how to spend time in this extraordinary place? In our opinion, a great idea is to explore the city and its surroundings on two wheels. This way, you reach many magical corners, you have nature at your fingertips, you enjoy the landscapes, and also you take care of your health. Do you like this plan? Bikes Zakopane – type it in a Google search engine, and you find plenty of new information.


The best route is one that is adapted to your abilities. Even if you feel motivated and you think you can handle it, and you are not afraid of challenges, but you are a beginner cyclist – do not take a challenging route. You will quickly get tired and give up. A bicycle trip that was supposed to give relaxation and a lot of positive impressions will bring stress and disappointment. Take the wooden architecture trail, for example. This 12 km. the asphalt stretch will not be difficult for you, it will allow you to see old highlander’s cottages or the ski jumping area.


When cycling, you strengthen your body’s resistance, your endurance, and improve your cardiovascular system. What’s more, the skin also oxygenates, which affects its appearance – it stays young longer. So it can be said that bicycle rides act like functional cosmetics and allow you to take care of your skin complexion.

Besides, it is also worth noting the importance of this type of activity for mental health. When you traverse mountain areas – you admire the views, enjoy the fantastic nature right before your eyes. This experience will allow you to clear your mind and relax your body. All negative emotions, worries, and thoughts disappear. Trips on two wheels are the perfect way to wind down. The fact that you overcome your own weaknesses and take up challenges will undoubtedly produce a positive effect on your mood. You will be really proud of yourself!

Appreciate the advantages of bicycle rides, and during your next visit to Zakopane, focus on activity, explore the city and the surrounding area on two wheels. Perhaps you will rediscover already known areas or see corners that you had no idea about so far?