The best attractions in the mountains? Only from tatraprzygoda.pl!
You just cannot get bored in the city under the Giewont Mountain. There are plenty of attractions here. When planning a holiday, it is worth considering which attractions will particularly please us and get us the most fun. A great idea is to use an experienced company that knows everything about successful recreation in the Podhale region and helps us plan your visit to the mountains so that when you get home, you don’t have the feeling that you have wasted time.

Tatraprzygoda.pl enjoys great recognition from its clients. The company has a wealthy offer. It guarantees a lot of attractions in summer and winter, during the day and after dark. Everyone will choose something that will interest him and make his relaxation in Zakopane more pleasant.

It is worth paying attention primarily to the recommended forms of activity. Tourists love trips on bicycles, snowmobiles, or quads, during which we reach many beautiful corners and get to know the mountain world from a slightly different perspective. The power of positive impressions can be acquired if you go on a traditional rafting trip on wooden rafts to Szczawnica. A fantastic adventure is Hydrospeed – rafting on inflatable boats on the Dunajec river. This attraction gives a solid dose of adrenaline and joy at the same time. Lots of emotions will provide a tandem parachute jump. Being high above the Tatra mountains, we easily forget about everyday problems and worries. We feel what relaxation means. Fabulous views can also be enjoyed on the plane. A half-hour journey in the sky is a great attraction and experience!

Tatraprzygoda.pl also offers Archery Games – a modern form of archery. Competition of this type takes place among the Tatra nature. It is a sensational experience and a great idea for group integration. Similar to the field game – Treasure Hunt. Bubble Football – or Funny Football as they call it, has a high level of interest During the game, players are enclosed in transparent balls. The game is fantastic. It is worth finding out.

Tatraprzygoda.pl also offers integration tours for several days. The price includes accommodation, meals, and various attractions. Such packages are a convenient option, we do not need to spend time planning a vacation, an experienced company will do it for us!

You can’t forget about the feasts with highlanders. The company offers various options, including folk events such as “Goralskie Spasy”, Goralskie Bajania”, or a party with bonfire catering. Being in the Podhale region, it is worth to personally check if the inhabitants of the area really are as entertaining as they say. Dances, songs, contests, storytelling, delicious treats – a smile won’t disappear from your face even for a moment.