The Tatra Museum in Zakopane has several buildings in which you can admire both permanent exhibitions and additional temporary exhibitions.

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  • MAIN BUILDING Zakopane, ul. Krupowki 10; tel. 18-20-152-05
    The main building of the Tatra Museum has permanent exhibitions: historical, ethnographic, and natural, showing the history of the region and the richness of culture and nature of the Tatra mountains and the Podhale region.
  • VILLA OKSZA Zakopane, ul.Zamoyskiego 25; tel. 692 029 817
    The 20th Century Art Gallery in the Oksza villa has a permanent exhibition, ARTYŚCI I SZTUKA W ZAKOPANEM It represents the work of artists from Zakopane of the year 1939. In Villa Oksza there are often interesting meetings and presentations as well as performances of the Witkacy Theater in Zakopane.
  • Museum of the Zakopane Style “INSPIRACJE” Zakopane, Droga do Rojów 6; tel. 18-20-122-94
    permanent exhibition in the nineteenth-century cottage of the “Gąsieniców Sobczaków” family. It presents sources of Witkiewicz’s Zakopane style, as well as the nineteenth-century ethnographic collection of the Dembowski family.
  • Museum of the Zakopane Style VILLA KOLIBA Zakopane, ul.Kościeliska 18; tel. 18-20-136-02
    Villa Koliba is the first house in the Zakopane style built (in 1892/93) according to the design of Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Currently, in the five rooms of the oldest part of the house, it contains according to their original functions, a dining room, living room, and bedroom on the ground floor, as well as the host’s room and the maid’s room on the first floor.
  • HASIOR GALLERY Zakopane, ul.Jagiellońska 18 b; tel. 18-20-668-71
    Permanent exhibition of works by a well-known artist from Zakopane. Great banners, spatial compositions, and sculptures found their place here. Those art pieces consist of various materials, ordinary objects, often junk, which in the hands of the artist acquire new meanings.
  • GALLERY at KOZIŃIEC Zakopane, Droga na Koziniec 8; tel. 18-20-129-36
    Art Gallery of Wlodzimierz and Jerzy Kulczycki in Koziniec, located near the famous “villa Pod Jedlami”. It is s a brick manor-style building, built in the early 1920s. Exciting temporary exhibitions are presented here.
  • The Kornel Makuszynski Museum Zakopane, ul.Tetmajera 15; tel. 18-20-122-63
    The museum is located in the villa Opolanka, where the Makuszynski family lived every summer and winter, and settled permanently after the Second World War.

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