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Snow shoes Zakopane

Snowshoes in Zakopane are one of the most popular winter attractions. It is also a ready idea for an unforgettable day full of adventures in the mountains, because snowshoes are, above all, real freedom! Just put on snowshoes on your shoes to suddenly be able to reach and visit the most beautiful places in the mountains, which are normally inaccessible to humans in winter…

But remember there are snowshoes and they are EVVOs! The EVVO snow boots are a real snow rEVVOlution. They are all flexible and adaptable so you can walk with your natural stride. Their sole has been designed in cooperation with Michelin for maximum grip and stability, thanks to which you can walk on deep snow as well as run and jump with EVVO snowshoes – also on ice, stones or grass.

The EVVO snowshoe rental in Zakopane is located in the very center – rent it yourself, with friends or family and discover new, wild corners of Podhale while enjoying beautiful views.

There are also guided snowshoeing tours. During such a trip, there is also a break for a warm meal by the fire.