Fantastic winter fun with the company!
Winter in Zakopane is quite extraordinary. Many of us willingly go there to rest, because we know that there will be positive impressions and we have various attractions at our disposal. One of them is participation in a traditional highlander sleigh ride. A sleigh ride will be a great complement to winter relaxation in the city under the Giewont Mountain.

Experienced Company
Spending vacation in the care of a reliable company is a much better solution than choosing amateurs who ensure that they organize great attractions for us, and that ends with words. Therefore, when planning a winter holiday in Zakopane, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of the company, which offers sleigh rides in the fantastic Chocholowska Valley. This place will capture your attention at any time of the year, but in the winter edition, according to a large group of tourists, it is the most interesting. Views of the peaks wrapped in white snow, trees, vast open space – you can not be indifferent to the charm of this wonderful valley. offers sleigh rides for individual tourists and groups. When planning a winter vacation in Zakopane for your friends, a spouse, kids, or for example, school students or company employees, it is worth looking through the company’s offer. There will definitely be something that meets your requirements.

Right from the begging of the ride, you already have a good time. We meet at the edge of the valley, highlanders await us, invite us to sleigh. We receive a small surprise for a better ride, and we go. We admire the winter scenery, enjoy the atmosphere, and after the sleigh ride – a bonfire, hot meals, stories about the Tatras, and unexpected games full of fun of awaits us! has a lot of experience in organizing this type of attractions and certainly will not disappoint anyone who intends to have a quality rest and enjoy the winter climate of Zakopane.