Ski tours, i.e., winter trips on the Tatra Mountains tourist tracks on specially adapted skis. This activity is becoming more and more popular every year.


There are already several rentals of skiing equipment in Zakopane. In ski-touring we usually ascent more (or at least longer) than descend. So, the equipment is much lighter and makes walking more comfortable. The shoes are lightweight and have soles with Vibram and the ski/walk switch. The bindings are movable, allowing the heel to be removed from the ski. The skis are narrower and lighter, and the necessary additional equipment is special artificial belts – until recently made of seal leather, which we stick to the slides during the approach.)
We recommend ski-touring for people who are already able to go downhill or cross-country skiing. When choosing the first trips, it is worth hiring a guide who has the license of alpine skiing instructor (and also ask him/her for help in renting the equipment).
Rental of skitting equipment in Zakopane: YURTA in Kuźnice; TATRA TRADE at the roundabout of John Paul II
I also recommend: a licensed ski-tour guide, Wojtek Szatkowski.
I would like to thank Agnieszka the owner of the Willa Swoboda guest house, for photos.