Cross-country skiing is a great sport discipline that can be learned by any average athletic person. Thanks to our phenomenal runner Justyna Kowalczyk, in the last few seasons, cross-country skiing is experiencing a real renaissance. Only a few years ago, amateur skiers running in were few. But now, most of my friends already have their ski – running equipment. And I often get called with the proposal of a cross-country walk together :).

Why is it worth learning to run (walk) cross-country skiing?

  • it is a very healthy sport discipline – involving virtually all muscles and not causing overload;
  • cross-country skiing – it is relatively easy on flat, adequately prepared terrain – from the very first minutes of the learning, the students go skiing on their own, practicing the basic steps;
  • cross-country skiing is much cheaper than downhill skiing or snowboarding – equipment rental costs about PLN 15 per hour, and this is the only expense because runners do not use the lifts;


Cross-country skiing routes in Zakopane and the surrounding area:

  1. cross-country trail on Rownia Krupowa – in the very center of Zakopane, in the vicinity of Krupowki street – numerous turns to make up about 5km of the easy route, ideal for beginners;
  2. Bialy Potok cross-country skiing trail – (not always open) is a picturesque 5-kilometer trail. It is a bit more difficult due to a few rather steep downhill runs (novice runners can unfasten skis and descend on foot next to the designated route). The beginning and the end of the track are located at the street “ul. Piłsudskiego” slightly below the entrance to the Wielka Krokiew ski jumping area;
  3. next track is at the Central Sports Center – marked out in the sports stadium, and under the “Wielka Krowkiew”, it goes along the street “ul. Bronka Czecha” The best prepared, varied, ideal for training for more advanced runners. Warning! The use of the route is chargeable, and priority should be given for training athletes. It is best to ask the facility’s guardians in advance at what times there are training on the route and come for a run when there are no athletes;
  4. cross-country skiing trail in Koscielisko – Koscielisko Chotarz – THE BEST, well-prepared 10 km route, very diverse and with a beautiful view of the Mountain Giewont. The track was created thanks to a group of enthusiasts from Koscielisko – applause !;
  5. cross-country skiing trail on “Siwa Polana” – a picturesque track marked out near the exit of the Chocholowska Valley – in Siwa Polana (photo in the header) and through the “Polana Białego Potoku”.
  6. cross-country skiing trails at the Kotelnica ski centers in Bialka Tatrzanska and Jurgow

Marta Naglik – instructor and trainer of cross-country skiing with a record of competitive cross-country skiing in the past – tel .: +48 604-575-649.
Malczewski Rental ul. Br. Czecha – at the main entrance to the COS stadium
Rental shop under Nosal Mountain – ul. Balzera, in the right corner of the parking lot under the Nosal Mountain
Rental in Koscielisko – Gąsienica Sport (rental and shop for cross-country skiing equipment) ul. Misery Kubińca 295, right at the entrance to the cross-country skiing trails.