Paintball in Zakopane, a unique adventure in the mountains.

Are you on vacation in the mountains? It’s worth to reserve some time for Paintball in Zakopane!

The company Paintdoo Adventure makes it a real adventure! Their fields in a natural, wild forest are a guarantee of great fun. To gain an advantage over your opponents, you can use unusual obstacles, trees, and even forest litter.

The professional instructor will lead the game, who will make sure that the pinball battle is exciting and safe.

Each Participant receives a professional, highly accurate tournament marker gun. Paintball balls are also professional – ones that break faster, thanks to which the hits are not painful.

A mask and uniform for each Participant for FREE!

A paintball battle is an excellent idea for a beautiful time in Zakopane – a large dose of fun and closeness to nature.

We also recommend paintball as an excellent integration attraction for a company trip, bachelor, or bachelorette party.