GUBALOWKA (1.117m a.s.l.) is a hill closing the Zakopane valley from the north. The most convenient way to reach the top is by a modern railway track, the bottom station of which is located in the very center of Zakopane. Just go down the Krupowki street to the very end, go through the underground passage to the other side of the street, and along the stalls offering cheese, souvenirs, woolen, and leather products you will reach the bottom station. From Gubalowka, you have a great view of the entire panorama of the Tatra Mountains, so you should go there in good weather. During the holidays and long weekends it gets very crowded there, it is better than to plan a trip in the morning or afternoon.

Gubalowka Attractions



  • you can go to the nearby observation deck or even go down to the meadow and relax on the grass admiring the magnificent panorama of the Tatra Mountains;
  • you can go on the gravitational slide – ride down in a sled-cart is very exciting, especially for kids;
  • you can go for a walk along the ridge of Gubalowka Mountain, to the west. Get to Butorowy Wierch (about 2km) and go down by a chairlift. Return to the center on foot will take about 30 minutes. When planning such a trip, it is worth buying a combined ticket;
  • you can go in the same direction, but shorten the walk a bit and take the modern and very comfortable chairlift on Szymoszkowa Glade. We suggest this option for the elderly and families with children – the chairs slow down when they arrive, which is a great convenience for passengers;
  • ofor those prepared for long walks, we recommend a five-kilometer route to the west, which goes through streets “Furmanowa” and “Rafaczówki” and leads to the upper station of the chair lift on Harenda (in summer it is open on holidays and during sunny weekends). After sliding down the chairs, we can:
    • return to Zakopane throught the scenic route through the Wierch Bachledzki.,
    • return straight to the center through little-known streets through Harenda (Jan Kasprowicz Museum and historic wooden church), along the street “ul. Zwijacze”, along a land path along the fence of the “Akademickiego Centrum Rehabilitacyjnego”, then along the street “ul. Ciągłówka” and Tatary, and then along the street “ul. Szkolna” we will reach the lower station of the funicular to Gubalowka;
  • in winter, after leaving Gubałówka, you can go skiing (or snowboarding – the only professional Snow Park in Zakopane) which is located on Gorna Polana
  • It’s a great idea to buy tickets for the funicular ride only one way up. At the top, after visiting Gubalowka, we rent a bike at , go downhill and leave it on Krupowki street!

The train schedule and current Gubalowka price lists are available at

Important! From year to year (I hope it will end one day) on the walking route from Gubalowka to Butorowy Wierch, there are more and more terrible stalls, kiosks covered with a tarp, those are the sellers of Chinese nightmare and other anti-attractions. For those who value peace, I suggest leaving Gubalowka before 9am before this whole market wakes up to life …