Antalowka – is a small hill near the center of Zakopane, from which there is a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane.


Tourists who love hiking can plan a pleasant walk from the very center of Zakopane: Krupowki – ul. Kosciuszki – then above the PKP train station, we enter the street “ul.Smrekowa”. Then we go to the very end of the asphalt road and then all the time straight, steeply uphill, along a dirt road (we pass a lonely house on the right with a beautiful garden and a loud dog). Here the road ends, and the land path begins, which we follow straight all the time, first through the meadows and after about 800 m through woods. Once we left the forest, we can enjoy the magnificent view of the Tatra Mountains, and in a few minutes, we stand at the top of Antalowka. It is located approx. 3 km from the train station. Now we can turn right and follow the path (beware! It is slippery in winter and after rain) go down to street “ulica Droga na Wierch”, which will bring us to ul. Jagiellońska, just above the Aquapark.. If we turn left, between the buildings (Willa Apart), and we reach another street “ul. Road to Antałówka”. If you have a lot of time and energy, you can turn left again and go on a trip (about 4km) following the yellow trail through Bachledzki Wierch, which will lead you to “Ustup”. From here, you can go back to the center by minibus. Turning right, we reach the street “ul. Broniewski”. You can also get on Antalowka by car (the street”ul.Broniewskiego” , then the street “ulica Droga na Antalowke” and street Antałówka Wierch).