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Dozens of species of living, free-flying, most giant, and most colorful butterflies of the world in one place

A visit to the Zakopane Butterfly House is like entering a paradise jungle. In the world of fabulous butterflies that fly freely between visitors, you can admire their beauty, relax and calm down among the exotic greenery. It is, above all, an unforgettable experience. What awaits you?

  • Butterflies are everywhere, they can sit on your head or shoulders, delighting children and adults.
  • You will meet dozens of species of exotic butterflies. The wingspan of the largest individuals is almost 30 cm! They look like they are out of dreams!
  • You will feel like in a tropical forest, which is the natural place of life of our butterflies. We always have the weather, it is warm and very green.
  • You will learn the butterfly’s life cycle from laying eggs through the pupation of the caterpillar to its adult stage. You’ll see strangeest caterpillars and pupae.
  • Qualified guides (included in the ticket price) will tell you butterflies’ secrets. Do butterflies live only with love? Why do they have two pairs of wings? How fast are they flying? How do they see the world?

Come explore the fascinating world of butterflies.

See for yourself that the world has more colors than you think.

Don’t forget to take your camera.

This visit will give you wings!

The door to the magical world is located at: ul. Generała Andrzeja Galicy 8, a few meters from central Krupowki street

We are open from 10:00 to 20:00, seven days a week!

Price list:

Reduced price ticket: PLN 14/div>

Bilet ulgowy: 14 zł
Children under 3 years: free admission
Phone: 574 859 264
Address: Ul.Generała Andrzeja Galicy 8, 34-500 Zakopane